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How to Start a Drop Shipping Business

This guide will walk you through the necessary steps needed for you to start and run a successful drop shipping business.


  1. Find a hungry market.
    • There is no use having the best product in the world if no one wants it. Don't set your mind on selling any particular product until you have done adequate keyword research (as most of your sales will come through online channels). One way to see if there is a demand for a product is by seeing if there is any competition. Type in the keyword for the product you will be selling in a search engine like Google. Do you see ads to the right of the results page? Then that is a good indicator that there is a demand for that product. Also look on comparison websites to see if there is anyone selling that product. This is just the start to your research.
  2. Find a reputable Drop Shipper.
    1. Next you need to find someone to supply you with the products you need to sell. Various portals have drop shippers who will provide this service for you.
    2. Get in touch with them and find out the profit margins available to you, their payment options, returns policy, shipping terms etc.
  3. Find and register a domain name.
    • Once you have found that hungry market and a supplier to drop ship for you, the next stage is to register a domain name. In order to optimize the ability of your website being found in search engines, use keywords related to the products you will be selling. For example, if you are selling fitness equipment, you could choose the domain name fitnessequipmentbox.com if it is available. Choosing a domain name like sallysdiscountstore.com wont help in this regard.
  4. Find a Web store Provider
    • This will save you time and money compared to building a website from scratch. Some web store providers charge a monthly fee and this gives you the ability to update your website whenever you desire as opposed to waiting for a web designer to fulfill your instructions. From personal experience, I can assure you that a customised website is the best way to go when you begin.
  5. Start Uploading your Products.
    • After you have chosen your web store provider, begin the process of uploading the products you will be selling. It is a good idea not to upload all the products you will be selling before launching your website. Why is this? Because you want to launch your website as soon as possible and also have the ability to tweak it as you get feedback from the market place. Alternatively, if you can employ someone to do this job, then feel free to go ahead.
  6. Start your first Marketing Campaign.
    • Once your website is launched, you want to send as much traffic as you can (without loosing your shirt) to your new e-commerce site. There are various ways to do this which would include PPC, advertising on comparison websites, article marketing, posting helpful comments in blogs and forums with links embedded in your comments pointing back to your website etc. Once you find a method that is bring good traffic that converts well, ease up on the others and focus on the winner.
  7. Do Email Marketing.
    • There is a popular saying in the internet marketing world that goes 'the money is in the list.' This is also true for your drop shipping business website. Create forms on your website where visitors to your website can leave their names and emails. You can then send weekly or bi-weekly emails with special offers, new product announcements, helpful tips and resources etc to your subscribers. Also do not be surprised if you notice surge in sales each time you send these emails.

Things You'll Need

  • web store provider
  • Email management provider
  • domain name
  • drop shipping manufacturer or wholesale supplier
  • marketing budget

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